Welcome to Movement by Logan.

This is a website focused on health, fitness, and performance.  Focused on making true, long-term changes that you can incorporate into your daily life through education that you can put into action.  Working towards shifting the mindset from being reactive, to being proactive.  Staying or getting healthy and pain-free is about enhancing daily performance in all aspects of life.

My mission is simple: To provide the best Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness Training personalized for you.  Movement by Logan focus lies within how you feel and how you perform, not with a number on the scale or how you look (though both will improve).  It is about making you feel great by moving better.  Every movement matters.   Learn more about your body so that you can move better, be pain-free, and reach a higher level of fitness and well-being.   It’s more than just the physical.  Start living a healthier, happier, and more efficient life.

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