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Some education on performing a Squat.

Eric Cressey does a nice job in this article describing some do’s and don’ts of squats. There are a lot of common misconceptions about squats, and a lot that people do not understand. Having proper movement patterns while performing a squat is imperative to avoiding injury and getting the most out of the exercise. He mentions squats relative to performance in sport, but squats are an extremely functional movement that we perform many times on a daily basis – the obvious being sitting to and standing from a chair.

Knowing how to squat properly and what your own limitations are with the movement can help keep you pain free and healthy.

Check out Eric Cressey’s article on Fit Business Insider

Here is another post by Eric Cressey on relationship between Thoracic Spine mobility and hand placement for squats.

Bottom line – You need good Thoracic Spine mobility for good squat movement patterns

– Shaun