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Here are 3 good articles that have been circulating in recent weeks. Hitting on nutrition, changing how we think about working out, and damaging training.

– Here is a great article written by Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition. This one is about Detox and Juice Cleanse Diets. A must read for anyone who has done or is considering one of these crazy diets!

Just Say “No” to That Detox Diet or Juice Cleanse – LiveStrong.com

– “The future of the fitness industry should be anti-fast results and anti-instant gratification.”  This article has one of my favorite messages.  Time to start thinking about our workouts like yoga? It’s a long over idea of “Practicing working out” or “Practicing Fitness” and connecting not only physically to strength and conditioning, but also spiritually and mentally.  This is a key to consistency and long-term success.  This is why I try as hard as I can to get clients to understand what they are actually doing and that exercising is about moving better and improving on how you feel.  You should feel really good and move better after a good workout, not puking and so sore that you have trouble moving.   Jessi Kneeland writes a nice article for Greatist.com on just this.

The Tiny Tweak That Makes Fitness Fun, Effective, and Easy to Stick With Forever

– This is an interesting opinion piece about the 4 Most Damaging Types of Training.  The author, John Rusin, does a bit of hating, especially on Cross Fit.  However, he makes some very good points.  If you read anything from this article, read the Running section.  Also, the self myofascial release videos are good and are useful for everyone not just for people who participate in the 4 types of training highlighted in this article.

The 4 Most Damaging Types of Training – T Nation

Keep learning!

–  Shaun

Shaun Logan