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   Allen Stone
Kait and I had the pleasure of going to see Allen Stone last night at Union Transfer in Philadelphia.  From start to finish, it was an amazing show.  The openers were great, with  Romeo Testa‘s impressive vocals and the entertaining  Bad Rabbits, which is also a testament to Allen Stone’s continued good choices.  Al’s, as he told the audience to call him, voice was flawless throughout the set.  His vocals are amazing and this cover of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” from Bannaroo 2013 showcases his amazing skills. He takes a classic amazing song that everyone knows, and makes it his own while still paying homage to the original…Allen Stone is an incredible musician with an unsuspecting voice.  Do yourself a favor and take some time and just let the YouTube videos play below, or listen to him on Spotify, whatever, just give him a listen.

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For those you unfamiliar with Allen Stone, he had to build his career on his own, as he was unsigned a major record label.  At 26 years old, it’s pretty amazing where he is now.  If you are a fan of the tv show The Voice, then you heard Adam Levine compare one of the contestants to Allen Stone (though he doesn’t quite compare) and say he tried to sign Al to his label.
Another great watch/listen is Allen Stone on Live From Daryl’s House a couple of years ago (playing songs with Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates).  The second video is them performing Allen Stone’s “Celebrate Tonight”.
Health isn’t just about being in shape physically, no pain, no sickness, it’s also being healthy mentally.  This includes appreciating some amazing things in the world, whatever that is for you.  For me, music is one of the most amazing things in this world. Getting the opportunity to listen and watch innovators and absolute masters of their craft is something that helps keep me happy, but even more than that it and drives me to be better at what I do. And I am lucky enough to be marrying someone who feels the same way.  Try to find these things in your life and really cherish them, make time for them, you will be better off in the rest of your life because of it.
So, thank you Allen Stone for sharing your insane talent and putting together an amazing show last night.  Highly recommend seeing him live.  We can’t wait for another chance to see him, hopefully in another small venue. Enjoy the Music!  Listen and learn more about Allen Stone on his website… AllenStone.com.
– Shaun