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Here are articles that you should read, if you haven’t already. Graffiti for Blog

Introducing the idea of a contrast week, instead of a deload week.  Basically, deload weeks are used to allow your muscles to rest and recover, so they are not over-fatigued and you can build more muscle.  The idea here is, instead of a deload week, you do a contrast week where you perform movements and exercises that are very different from your normal workout program. i.e., if your normal workout program is based on lifting heavy weights, then a contrast week would be doing something like spinning or focusing on working and proper movement patterns for new exercises you want to start performing.

“The goal is to avoid your normal repetitive patterns.”   I love this line, as this is how you avoid pain and injuries.

The Deload is Dead Why Contrast Weeks Work Better – by Charles Staley

This one is more for the fitness and physical therapy professionals, but is important for the clients to know about as well because you should be aware of what the physical therapist, personal trainer, or strength and conditioning coach is doing.  You have to be aware that they are actually performing good assessments to best be able to help you.

In this article, Eric Cressey does a great job of breaking down and highlighting everything that we can learn about clients just by watching an overhead walking lunge.   This is an example of how we, as movement specialists, assess all movements.  This is really well done. Eric Cressey has a way of simply articulating exercises and movements that are easy for anyone to understand.

Overhead Walking Lunge Assessment – by Eric Cressey

The secret to happiness: Love. It’s no secret, but people keep searching for the answer. However, knowing what makes us happy is not the hard part, it’s how. ” Fear and sadness have immediate payoffs – protecting us from attack or attracting resources at times of distress. Gratitude and you, over time, will yield better health and deeper connections – but in the short term actually put us at risk.”

The Secret to Happy Life: Revealed – David Roberts

Mike Reinold posted a quick explanation of shoulder pain can influence shoulder biomechanics, how the shoulder is moving. Whether the pain came first or the movements came first,  we don’t know and it doesn’t necessarily matter. What we do know, is that there is a timing issue that needs to be addressed.

Influence of Pain on Shoulder Biomechanics – Mike Reinold


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Movement by Logan…more than your physical