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When reading articles, watching clips, or listening to presentations, there are often thoughts, ideas, or specific quotes that tend to stick, and make the greatest impact.  Often, these specific ideas are the ones that help us learn and grow to be better, not only in our professions, but in all aspects of our lives and relationships.

I have compiled several of these thoughts, ideas, or quotes from videos, articles, courses, and some of my own.  They hit on everything from health, nutrition and food, to business, happiness, physical therapy, and fitness.  Hopefully some of these little thoughts and ideas will make an impact on you as well.

“Function of all of our cells is the most important thing in our body.  Nutrition is how we make sure our cells function as efficiently and well as possible.”  – John Berardi, PhD; Ryan Andrews, MS, MA, RD; Precision Nutrition – The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition: Certification Manual, 2014

Broccoli contains compounds (isothiocyanates) that can switch on a specific Broccoligene in the liver that detoxifies cancer-causing chemicals and other toxinsWithout broccoli, this gene remains inactive and our bodies look for other detoxifiers. With Broccoli, this gene is unregulated and participates more actively in the detoxification process.”  John Berardi, PhD; Ryan Andrews, MS, MA, RD; Precision Nutrition – The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition: Certification Manual, 2014

“Nothing that happened was intentional. Nothing! Everything was trying to make something cool to play for our friends that they would like…..It’s what you can bring to it, to make it special and beautiful, and personal…make it yours. That’s the thing that can change the world.” – Rick Rubin Down of Def Jam: Watch Rick Rubin Return to his NYU Dorm Room (www.rollingstone.com)   More on Rick Rubin

“Whenever you turn something on, something else is shutting down. What we’re trying to do is improve sequencing and timing….When secondary players become primary players, you have dyssynchrony” – Jennifer Poulin  (from Course Recap: She’s Just Jenny from the block by Lance Goyke, http://www.lancegoyke.com/course-recap-shes-just-jenny-from-the-block)

Stiffness is relative and comes from over-activation. Activate opposing muscles leads to inhibition, and reduced stiffness. Improve activation patterns to utilize muscles together, rather than some more than others leads to: less stiffness, improved movement patterns, less pain, less injury, and quicker recovery.

As a fitness or healthcare professional, know your limits.

Is it stabilization or is it control?  Control comes from active structures of the neuromuscular system.  Stability comes from passive structures.  So core, shoulder and knee stability that are often discussed during active movements is probably, more accurately, Control.  Teach control to better reduce stress at joints, and maintain the passive stability.

– Shaun

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