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Crawling is awesome and Adults should be doing it regularly.

Crawling Your Face Off – Dean Somerset

This is a bit long, but it’s a great article on addressing continuums when designing fitness programs.  Need to work on all components of movements. “…the missing link in most continuums is a lack of a carry phase, a lack of a holding phase and the lack of alignment with integrity under load in very simple patterns demonstrating work capacity.”

Continuums – Gray Cook

In this post, Eric Cressey details 6 reasons as to why the anterior abdominals are so crucial to train, and train properly.  These 6 reasons are essential for anyone to know and understand.

6 Reasons Anterior Core Stability Exercises Are Essential – Eric Cressey

Good article on training timing and efficiency instead of power.  “In reality, the best athletes are the ones who perform best on the field or court, and are able to stay healthy during long competitive seasons.”

Why You Don’t Always Want Power – Sparta Performance/Science

– Shaun
Movement by Logan…more than your physical