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Sleep is a huge part of our lives, and has been such a huge topic of discussion for years.  Determining the correct amount of sleep, getting a full night of sleep, why is sleep so important, how can I sleep better, how can I sleep longer, do I need to sleep longer? These are all things that we question quite frequently.


“…that it refreshes and clears the mind, may actually be a big part of what sleep is all about. See, you and I, we go to sleep every single night, but our brains, they never rest.  While our body is still and our mind is off walking in dreams somewhere,  the elegant machinery of the brain is quietly hard at work cleaning and maintaining this unimaginably complex machine…..But in the brain, the consequences of falling behind may be much greater than the embarrassment of dirty countertops, because when it comes to cleaning the brain, it is the very health and function of the mind and the body that’s at stake,which is why understanding these very basic housekeeping functions of the brain today may be critical for preventing and treating diseases of the mind tomorrow.” – Jeff Iliff – One More Reason to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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