Shaun Logan: Movement by Logan
1. This is a great read about how to become an elite fitness or nutrition coach, but really applies to any business. 6 (more) things elite coaches do. And 6 books that help get you there. By Kate Solovieva
3. Have the correct goals and motivation something I work to instill in all of my clients mindsets. “So the very first step in moving better, feeling better and getting better is believing you can.” You have to do things for the right reasons for good and long lasting results.
4. Common Themes Between Out of Shape Clients and Pro Athletes, by Dean Somerset.  This is very true, something I have noticed through my experience as well.
5.  Find inspiration in all things you enjoy.  This is a great interesting interview of the singer of one of my favorite bands, Band of Horses, on his creative processes and how they have evolved over the years.   Song Writers on Processess – Ben Bridwell, Band of Horses 
– Shaun