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When reading articles, watching clips, or listening to presentations, there are often thoughts, ideas, or specific quotes that tend to stick, and make the greatest impact. Often, these specific ideas are the ones that help us learn and grow to be better, not only in our professions, but in all aspects of our lives and relationships.
I have compiled several of these thoughts, ideas, or quotes from videos, articles, courses, and some of my own. They hit on everything from health, nutrition and food, to business, happiness, physical therapy, and fitness. Hopefully some of these little thoughts and ideas will make an impact on you as well.


These are some of the best words to live by that I have come across in a while.  They apply to all facets life.



Movement by Logan - Shaun Logan

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Movement by Logan - Shaun Logan
Be genuinely interested in other people.
Smile. Smile every day at yourself and at others.
Don’t fear being misunderstood.
Be a good listener.

One of the few things that we can truly control in our lives is what  we choose to put in our body.  What we choose or not choose to eat, drink, smoke, etc.
(I’m borrowing this from someone but forget where. But it’s so true and I love the statement)


“I feel like we all have these ‘mirror-neurons’ in our brain that make us take in a little bit of the mood of people around us.  If someone is having a bad day, and they look at you, it always makes you feel a little worse.  So I try to only play songs that make me happy.  Because if I’m not happy, I won’t be able to make anyone else happy.  I really just want to add value to people’s day.  So I have a policy: If anyone ever asks me to stop playing, I always stop.”
-Humans of NY , Instagram – humansofny
Movement by Logan - Shaun Logan


– Shaun

Every movement matters.