About Shaun Logan

Shaun Logan, DPT

Shaun Logan, PT, DPT of Movement by Logan

My name is Shaun Logan. I graduated with distinction  from Drexel University with my Doctorate of Physical

Therapy (DPT) in 2010. Prior to starting Drexel’s physical therapy program, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology: Movement Science
from Penn State University in 2007. While at Penn State, I decided to pursue a career in physical therapy due to my life-long passion for sports. However, it has
since turned into so much more.

Following graduation from Drexel University, I started my physical therapy career at the Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Brigantine and Mays Landing, NJ.
I knew this was a temporary position, as my interest was in sports and a more active client population. I then chose to accept a position at The Training Room Sports and Orthopedic Physical Therapy; where I had previously completed my last clinical rotation during physical therapy graduate school. I worked there for 4 years; however, left to pursue a business and product in which I truly believe, Movement by Logan. Also since 2011, I have enjoyed working as an assistant lab instructor for orthopedic related classes with the Drexel University DPT program.

Through my career, I have enjoyed providing treatment and education for athletes and patients of all ages and skill levels. I have gained experience working with grade school, middle school, high school and collegiate athletes. I have had experience with professional athletes in basketball, Olympians, MLB, NFL, and the amateur adult athletes. I have always strived to not only return athletes to their previous level of competition, but to improve upon their previous level with a better understanding of their own body.

Though I have had high athletic clientele, I truly enjoy working with all individuals, such as: the working adult, parents, and adolescents; not just athletes. Over the past 4+ years, I have been able to refine my craft and continue to grow as an expert on human movement.

I had also taken on a role as sub-specializing in concussion rehabilitation since 2011. Over this time, I have established myself as one of the premier concussion physical therapists in the Philadelphia area. I have been a consultant to the Philadelphia Phillies for concussion therapy since 2012. Though, this is no longer an interest of mine and I am not pursuing this further, I am happy to provide consults on the topic. (More about concussion rehab)

I am continually working on my own education to stay up to date with the latest treatment techniques, exercises, research, etc. I am working towards obtaining higher certifications with physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. The world of physical therapy, movement, performance, and fitness is an ever evolving system and there is never a point where I, or anyone else, know enough. This is why I have the drive to be at the forefront of the fitness/physical therapy profession, and be innovative to help my clients achieve their goals and reach new heights in a pain-free and healthy manor.

Through my experience over the past 7+ years with grad school and practicing physical therapy, I have come to notice some major flaws in the health care system. People who are truly injured or post-operative and need physical therapy get cut-off by insurance, while others who hardly need any treatment will get an exorbitant amount of visits paid for by their insurance. There is also a huge gap between physical therapy and return to performance training, return to sport, return to exercise, and return to every day activities.

Contrary to what everyone wants, and a lot of practitioners think, I do not believe there is a quick fix. Quick fixes are just temporary fixes. I want to break the mold, bridge all of these gaps to treat and train properly, as often and as long necessary.

I am also working on getting certified through Precision Nutrition to be able to provide quality Nutrition coaching.

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