The Movement by Logan Difference

Shaun Logan

The New way to Improve your Fitness!

– M. by Logan provides you with the appropriate guidance and knowledge to progress and perform the activities you love more safely and with better efficiency.

– Being a cash based entity, this allows Movement by Logan the freedom, time, and quality attention needed to address issues properly;

– Time and freedom that insurance based physical therapy practices just do not have.

– I am also able to provided the Expertise, Knowledge, Manual soft tissue work that other strength and conditioning professionals cannot.

– My goals with clients early on are always:

1. Better get to know your body

2. Feel better with every day movements. Be able to move with more ease

– I will also be able to provide the ongoing care that is needed over time.

– Sessions can be provided as frequently or infrequently as needed.

– Physical Therapy sessions with me can turn into bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly movement “check-ups”.  (Though I always recommend more frequent visits.)

– Sessions are always focused on fitness training, but at the correct pace and ability to perform any physical therapy skills when needed.

– Assessments prior to working out allow you to start at the correct level for you cutting down on the risk of pain and injury improving your chances of staying consistent with working out and reaching fitness.