Direct Access

What is Direct Access

Direct Access means that you do not need a referral or script from a physician prior to going to physical therapy. You do not even need to see the physician at all prior to going to a physical therapist.

As a DPT (doctor of physical therapy) we have training in differential diagnosis, which means that if your problem is out of the scope of a physical therapist, we able to identify this and will refer you to the correct health care provider.

Direct access allows Movement by Logan to consistently perform skilled physical therapy techniques without any issues. So if you are a client coming for fitness or performance training and get injured or have pain, there is no where else you need to go. You can undergo an evaluation at Movement by Logan, and if your issues cannot be addressed here then you will be referred to an appropriate health care provider.

Direct Access by State
Direct access with physical therapy is regulated by each individual state. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have different laws.

New Jersey
Does not require a special certification beyond an active NJ state physical therapy license.
We are only required to refer you to a physician if no significant progress has been made after 1 month of treatment.

Requires a PA state physical therapy license, a PA state direct access certification, and a referral from a physician after 30 days. So, though you do not need a referral to start physical therapy treatment, you will need one to continue treatment.

This can/will be discussed more at time of your first session. Direct access only pertains to Physical Therapy treatment, not fitness or performance training.

Direct Access by State